Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Receive a one-on-one Ayurvedic consultation to address your overall health, find out your Dosha (constitution), including a daily regime plan and personalized diet recommendations.  


  • Reviewing history and lifestyle

  • Addressing health issues and goals

  • Lifestyle recommendations and wellness goals

  • A daily plan with Ayurveda recipes according to Dosha and imbalance. Foods to include and to avoid

  • Yoga postures, Pranayama techniques according to individual needs

  • Tools to overcome emotional challenges such as meditation techniques

  • Specific Aromatherapy oils according to constitution and imbalance

  • Working with Marma therapy (vital points in the human body) according to imbalance

  • Color and sound therapy

Initial consultation (60 minutes) $125

Follow up visit (45 minutes) $60