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Pam has a beautiful way of explaining step by step and make it easy for people who have no idea what to do in the kitchen. Her recipes look so beautiful and by the end of the workshop, you realized that you can create such a beautiful and delicious dessert that’s also good for your body. Trifecta! I had so much fun and you can feel the love and care that she puts into her dessert. If you are considering, just do it. It is well worth it. There are not enough words that I can express my experience with Pam. She is just so talented and she’s a lovely soul to learn from or better yet, I just want to be around her.
— Kelly Lee, New York


Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Sunday 17th March 2019


After working for seven years as a professional cook, I never imagined that healthy, conscious food, could be so easy, fast and delicious. Pam put together a series of food workshops where she shared her passion for healthy, raw-vegan food and her unique recipes for incredibly delicious desserts. I highly recommend everybody to either attend her workshops or to host a workshop if you have the opportunity, you won’t regret!
— Cesar Rios, Naples Florida
Pam’s raw food workshops are just right. A balance between the reasons why we choose compassion, plant based ingredients and sitting down together eating joyfully. We learned how to make great raw indulgences like almond cream, cheeses and fabulous fancy desserts!. This has defintaely started me on the path to making my all time favorites and everyday staples easily and often. It was a delicious joy to enjoy your raw creations. Thanks Pam!
— Anne Marie, Hot Yoga Sheffield UK
Pam’s workshop is a true embodiment of how the practice of yoga extends off the mat. Throughout the weekend, she led us through the Dharma Yoga practice and a Dharma talk, yoga nidra, an inversion class and a raw, vegan dessert workshop. She has a relatable and simple way of presenting the physical practice- and how all of this helps lay the foundation for new mental disciplines and self-awareness. She shared her love of food and the impact that diet has on the way we move, think and feel. Her ability to lead with compassion, through her personal stories and experience practicing with Sri Dharma Mittra, sets a strong example of how Yoga shows up in our actions, words, thoughts and diet.
— Sam Butts, Shakti Power Yoga Nashville
The joy of Pam’s recipes is how quick and easy they are to prepare while still being delicious and fulfilling. I’m able to put a healthy meal together in minutes for dinner that also makes great leftovers for lunches on the go! And the guilt free desserts are heaven sent! Even my non-vegan family loves these recipes and friends are always commenting that they never knew eating vegan could be so delicious! Everything whips up so quickly and easily and using the leftover pulp from making almond and cashew milk to make cheese is pure genius!! What really stands out to me is how great I feel after eating Pam’s recipes - instead of feeling full and weighed down I feel satisfied and full of energy.
— Tara Buonamici, Atlanta Georgia